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B-02/ B-03 Brushless Type Electric Screwdriver
B-02/ B-03 Brushless Type Electric Screwdriver
Torque Range : 0.02~0.30 N.m

Brushless Type

Precise Torque Control

Small and Light
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HIMAX Brushless Electric Screwdriver B05
B-02     Torque Range 0.2~1.5 kgf-cm(0.02~0.15 N.m)

B-03     Torque Range 0.3~3.0 kgf-cm(0.03~0.30 N.m)
Small and Light!

Proficient in precise torque/ tiny screw assembly
  Brand New Features:

Ground impedance of screw bits is smaller than 1.0 Ω to prevent the damage from static electricity.

With the new torque locking structure. Avoid careless change of preset torque.

RPM adjustable. Can be operated with full torque output even under low RPM.

Stable and accurate torque output.

Durable machinery parts.

Standard determination of eccentric displacement.

Good quality control and
low failure rate.
Compatible with HIMAX Power Supply BT-2A /24
Mini, Ergonomics & Modulize Design
HIMAX Brushless Electric Screwdriver B05
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